Indonesia- NHS England Stroke Care Workforce Collaboration

NHS England have been commissioned by the British Embassy in Jakarta to develop an Indonesia-NHS England Stroke Care Workforce Collaboration. This collaboration will deliver a programme of work focused on stroke care workforce, training and education in Indonesia.

Stroke Care has been identified as the area for collaboration as it is a priority clinical area for both countries. Stroke is a major cause of death and disability in Indonesia. Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has the highest age and sex standardized mortality and disability-adjusted life years lost. Stroke is the 3rd largest area of spend from the national insurance system. In England, Stroke is the largest source of adult neurological disability and the 4th largest cause of death. However, mortality from stroke has almost halved over the last 20 years; driven by organised stroke unit care, research driven improvements in therapies.  

NHS England are drawing on the experience in stroke care and workforce, training and education activity in England more broadly, considering both successes and challenges, to provide Indonesia with relevant expert input on how it can use workforce development to improve Stroke outcomes in Indonesia, which will result in a reduction in death and disability.  

The first-year activities of the Indonesia-NHS England Stroke Care Workforce Collaboration include:  

  • 3 in depth webinars and Q&A sessions between Stroke care experts in Indonesia and England   
  • 3-day study tour for Indonesian Ministry of Health and National Brain Centre delegates.   
  • Concise management report with recommendations on how Indonesia can improve Stroke outcomes with a focus on workforce, training and education.   

Implementation Support 

  • Technical working groups advising on Stroke-focused nursing and primary care curricula   
  • Potential for contextualisation and translation of e-learning module, Fundamentals of Acute Care and Treatment in Stroke