Ukraine case study – Human Resources for Health Information System Strengthening

In 2021, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the WHO set out to develop the resilience of the governance systems in order to support the development of the Ukrainian Universal Health Care System. To achieve this goal, there was a particular focus on developing the Human Resources for Health Information Systems (HRHIS) in Ukraine. There were inherent difficulties in achieving these goals due to gaps in data collection and poor alignment with health information systems. 

To support the development of Ukraine’s HRHIS, HEE worked with the local WHO EURO consultants and the MoH in Ukraine to assess the current HRHIS landscape. This involved a desk-based review of all strategies, plans and existing report materials relevant to the HRHIS data in Ukraine. This was supplemented with a close working relationship with the MoH to better articulate data ownership, and ultimately draft a set of recommendations for strengthening the Human Resources for Health Information System (HRHIS) in Ukraine.  

Additionally, HEE worked as a facilitating partner with WHO EURO and the Ukrainian MoH colleagues to ensure that the MoH were able to independently drive forward their HRHIS improvement process following the end of the intervention.   

As a result of the review of Ukraine’s HRHIS, HEE and WHO found a number of key systems which could be built upon. Four draft recommendations were formed, in areas such as health and care worker registry development and review at different sectors and levels, and workforce planning leadership, capacity and capability. 


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