Elderly and Palliative Care transformation- a WHO/HEE Collaboration 

As the population ages in North Macedonia, family structures are changing. The healthcare system and the social support networks have limited capacity to provide integrated and person-centred care, leaving older people in the country facing a number of health, social, and economic challenges.  

HEE and WHO EURO supported the design and implementation of a feasibility study on transforming the ‘13th November’ hospital, which currently has capability for specialisation in geriatric and palliative care. This study provided a basis for a transformational programme of work to develop an educational centre for the newly designed geriatric sub-specialization.  

Data was collected for this study during an in-country mission to North Macedonia. Key recommendations were developed in this study to take forward the sub-specialisation in elderly care.  

As a result of this study, HEE and the WHO EURO are working closely with the Medical Faculty to develop an action plan, using the recommendations, to transform the specialized geriatric and palliative care hospital into an educational centre for the newly designed geriatric sub-specialization. This action plan was discussed at the National Workshop in a second in-country mission to North Macedonia in June 2022, and validated by key stakeholders.  

Figure 2 Graphic Representation

Currently, NHS England is developing a roadmap to develop a quality framework for older people in care in North Macedonia. 


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