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The NHS Global Fellowship Programme has been on offer for almost 15 years. Nearly 800 NHS staff have undertaken fellowships abroad, many who have returned to the UK and drawn on their global health skills to become senior leaders across the NHS.

The purpose of the NHS Global Fellowship Programme is to offer reciprocal leadership development opportunities for clinical and non-clinical staff to experience health systems across the globe. Fellows focus on either quality improvement, research, or clinical projects, co-developed with local and/or national partners to enhance the patient experience, improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities. Returning Fellows demonstrate new skills, and improved motivation and resilience, contributing to career progression and retention within the health sector.

The NHS Global Fellowships Programme is committed to the protection of vulnerable adults and children within the contexts it operates.  Fellows will be required to undergo a DBS and reference check as part of our recruitment process.  If successful, appointed Fellows will be required to undertake mandatory safeguarding training. During their Fellowship, Fellows will be required to adhere to relevant safeguarding policy and procedure.  In addition, those who have a professional registration are required to evidence this and should be aware of the requirements relating to code of conduct and reporting of incidents outlined by their regulatory body.

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It gave me experience in complex problem-solving & navigating difficult discussions with diverse individuals & teams to sensitively & systematically challenge current ways of thinking & working

Alumni Fellow

I have recently taken over as the executive partner in my GP surgery & I feel I owe my ability to take on a role like this to my involvement in the Fellowship programme

Alumni Fellow

It’s been an amazing experience to have all the different groups of volunteers with us. We learnt a lot from them and gained even more. We appreciated the strategy and methods they used to share information with us.

Country Partner