Knowledge Exchange Seminar with Chiba, Japan

HEE hosted a Knowledge Exchange seminar between policy officials from Japan and HEE Subject-Matter Experts in January 2020. ​There is currently a shortage and maldistribution of doctors both in Chiba, Japan and the UK, therefore this knowledge exchange seminar enabled the two countries to discuss their models and share lessons about their respective approaches to maldistribution by bringing experts in workforce planning, analytics, and medical education reform together. The 2 key aims of the workshop were to:

  1. Show the Chiba delegation how the UK tackled the issue of maldistribution
  2. Help develop a technical collaboration with a Japanese delegation and contribute to bi-lateral learning 

Participants found the roundtable discussion helpful to identify similarities in the issues faced by both countries’ health systems, even though the two health systems are different. These similarities now serve as a ‘useful future point’.