Case Studies IPGMTS

Dr Suhaib Asif Jiman – Histopathology Trainee

I love to challenge myself and be outside my comfort zone. I knew the beginning would be tough, but I trusted University Hospitals Birmingham and they guided me in lots of ways. I will always be thankful to them.

Upon completing the training and returning to my country, I believe that I will have the best tools to serve the patients and improve the healthcare system of my community.

What makes IPGMTS work for me:

  • The integration of teaching, research opportunities, and exposure to various and numerous cases
  • Supervisors who gave me a personalised plan
  • The opportunity to familiarise myself with the NHS health care system.

Dr Lama Hussamuddin Sallout – Internal Medicine / Nephrology Trainee

I was one of the luckiest qualified trainees chosen to train in England. Arriving at Birmingham seemed like a challenge at first, but with the help of the University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) International Office and clinical supervisors at UHB I was able to better understand how the program is structured.

A few months later, working as a junior trainee in England, I can confidently say I am on the right track. I have learned and improved in many aspects. I can see by the time I am done with my training; I will be polished to the expectations I have in mind or even better. I am certain that going back to my home country as a CCT qualified physician will create a positive impact.

What makes IPGMTS work for me:

  • Continuous educational activities held despite all the COVID restrictions
  • The well-organised training scheme tailored to every registrar’s interest
  • Working closely with qualified, smart, well trained, knowledgeable, and professional registrars.
  • The well-respected relationship between registrars and their seniors
  • The friendly yet purposeful relationship with Juniors
  • Being made to feel welcome, heard, able express and share my thoughts among the team