Learning Outcomes Framework

Introduction & Background

Health Education England’s (HEE) vision is to help improve the quality of life and health and care services for the people of England by ensuring the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right skills, values and behaviours, in the right numbers, at the right time and in the right place. The Directorate of Global Health Partnerships (DGHP), established within HEE in 2017, oversees HEE’s global interests and strategic objectives. 

By enabling NHS staff to work globally the NHS not only benefits from improved staff skills but also from better global connections which lead to improved global health security and mobility of international staff into the UK.  Additionally, NHS organisations stand to learn new ways to deliver quality patient care while reducing costs.

The creation of the DGHP learning outcomes framework therefore will be part of a programme of work which forms a coherent ‘global offer’ to NHS staff, supporting the engagement in DGHP activity throughout their careers. The creation of a comprehensive framework of learning outcomes can be developed by any individual who engages in DGHP activities.

HEE have commissioned Skills for Health to develop the Learning Outcomes Framework to support this important work.

Purpose & Scope

The delivery of the learning outcomes framework will form a core part of HEE’s offer to NHS staff and will support several cross-organisational objectives. 

The framework will:

Improve consistency of global health learning opportunities.

Global workforce programmes have been delivered across the NHS at a local and regional level for over two decades, the DGHP framework will support these programmes to be brought together in a coherent and consistent manner.

Promote working effectively with partners internationally.

This will support HEE to deliver on commitments to the population of England. The approach will support the NHS workforce to grow and improve through new and innovative partnerships overseas. 

Develop evidence based global health leadership development programmes.

HEE already has established ‘gold standard’ overseas fellowship programmes offering value for money development opportunities which can be aligned to global health objectives, the framework will help HEE build on this success and support replication and innovation across the NHS system. 

Build relationships with National and International organisations.

HEE already has well established relationships and a range of programmes of work with the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, Department of International Trade and the World Health Organisation, and have the reach into the NHS to support these and we host and lead well developed models to support ALB collaboration on global health programming.

Development of the Learning Outcomes Framework

The learning outcomes framework development is led by a Reference Group chaired by Rachel Monaghan, Deputy Director, Global Health Partnerships. Membership of the Reference Group includes a variety of stakeholders and subject matter experts who will inform the design and content of the learning outcomes framework.

The first stage of the project is focused on desk research to review existing source documents and working with the reference group to develop a draft learning outcomes framework. A draft is anticipated to be ready for wider consultation in late 2022. 

The framework is due for completion by early 2023.

Registration of Interest

To receive updates about the development of the DGHP learning outcomes framework, and to get notification of when it is ready to go out for wider consultation, please register via the form here :